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The Detail in Watches

April 13, 2021 2 min read

Watches have been around for centuries. Some claim 1570, 1810, 1812, or even 1868. What we do know is that they have been around for a great deal of time. However the attention to detail has only increased to allow watches to be compact while retaining the same if not even more features.

When a watchmaker begins to create the interior of the watch. They must choose the movement method which decides how the watch works. They can choose quartz, mechanical or even automatic mechanical.

Moving forward the watchmaker has to meticulously place each gear and axle so that the watches mechanisms can align with the particular movement method. Before they even begin to to place the gears and decide the movement method you must know the material you want the watch to be made out of. The watchmaker must also decide how they will preserve the color of the watch as well.

Watches will become more compact over time to offer as much as they can in such a small package. For example making a watch waterproof or water resistant requires watchmakers to make make sure it is sealed properly around the face glass along with the back of the watch. As time moves forward this will become a must have for watch owners because they want to bring their watches wherever they go without thought of ruining it. When paying thousands or millions for a watch you want the most bang for your buck which means including as much as you can. The more watches include more features, precious stones, and precious metals the more the maker is able to charge.